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The Spanish Herald

The Spanish Herald

Published every Wednesday and Friday, The Spanish Herald it is a national journal representing a huge community, originating from a total of 21 countries. 

The 1996 Census revealed that 17.6% of the proportion of Australian-born people speaking a language other than English, speaks Spanish. This places Spanish in the top ten of most popular languages spoken at home.

In turn, The Spanish Herald  being the largest national Spanish newspaper, boasts a comprehensive local, community and international news section, also featuring classifieds, TV program, arts and entertainment with regular updates on overseas artists and stars.

The Spanish Herald  is a valuable source of information for our Spanish - speaking friends. Over the years it has deeply embedded itself in the Spanish - Australian community. 

Edited by professional journalists, informed, lively and controversial, it remains aloof from party politics, creating itself as a valuable companion to all in the community.


The Spanish Herald