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Sing Tao

Sing Tao

Sing Tao News Corporation Limited is a media corporation with a vision to become a leading content and service provider serving global Chinese communities.  Its principal activities comprise Media and Media-related operations including Newspapers, Magazines, Recruitment Media, Books and Content Services.  In addition, the Sing Tao Group of companies (the "Group") is also engaged in Trading as a non-core operation.  The Company is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 1105).

The "Sing Tao" brand dates back to 1938 when the daily newspaper of the same title was launched in Hong Kong.  Over the years, "Sing Tao" is recognized as a global name in the print media market.  Leveraging on the strength of the brand, the Group's business extended to a comprehensive portfolio ranging from free newspapers to magazines and electronic media.  Based in Hong Kong and with a business network covering major cities of the PRC, US, Canada, Europe and Australia, the Group employs 2,400 staff worldwide.

Within the Media operations, the flagship publication is the renowned Chinese international newspaper Sing Tao Daily, which is one of the world's most widely read Chinese newspapers.  Headquartered in Hong Kong, Sing Tao Daily is also available in 16 overseas branches.