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The Greek Herald (Victoria)

The Greek Herald (Victoria)

Established in November 1926, it is the only Greek national daily newspaper in Australia. Distributed nationally, it is the largest Greek daily in the country. It is a multi-award winning newspaper with highly respected editorial staff.

We take special pride, in the Presidential Press Award we received by the Hellenic republic in 1998 and again in 2000 for being ‘the most complete’ and ‘reliable’ newspaper of any Greek language newspaper abroad Greece.

The Greek Herald is the only Greek language newspaper in Australia with complete daily, Local, Overseas and Community News, Classifieds, Real Estate, TV programming and Sports section. It is indeed a comprehensive newspaper, reporting on all aspects of the community.

The Greek Herald is distributed nationally and naturally takes extra care to cater for the needs of all its readers, no matter where they live, on a daily basis. 

The Greek Herald has without doubt influenced and left an indelible impression on past generations, and continues to do so with future generations. It has indeed become the bible of the Greek community.


The Greek Herald