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The Chinese Weekly

The Chinese Weekly

A C Media Group, founded in August 1994 in Melbourne, is committed in promoting communication and development between China and Australia in areas of economy, trade, culture, tourism and foreign affairs.

The Chinese Weekly and its inserted newsapers The Bilingual 1st Chinese Newspaper, The Chinese Commercial Weekly, Modern Life Weekly, Property Weekly and New Migrants is distributed throughout Melbourne including Box Hill, Glen Waverley, China Town and so on. 

Through its many outlets, The Chinese Weekly has enabled the local Chinese community to communicate with mainstream society.

AC Media Group has become one of the most efficient Australian media figures. Our relation with Chinese customers has grown stronger over the years, making us the most effective method for Chinese customers to discover worldwide brands and services. 

A C Media Group has organized cooperative events with the Chinese government, corporations and major media organisations. It also has expertise in exporting Australian products to China, which has had a significant influence in promoting cultural exchange and trade between China and Australia.


The Chinese Weekly